About Me


Liz Worndl is a full-time student by day, and food blogger by night.


My name is Liz and I LOVE food. I’m a full time dental student living in downtown Toronto, and just like most of you, I find myself racing between class, meetings, shifts, the gym, etc., with barely enough time to sleep before tomorrow kicks into high gear. But despite our crazy schedules this day in age, I refuse to sacrifice the thing I love most. Whether it’s just a quick salad at lunch, or a three-course feast for dinner, I love to use my time in the kitchen to unwind, escape, and create fresh and flavourful meals. On a student schedule and budget, of course not every meal can be life changing, but I like to spend the rare moments I have in the week dreaming about what I’ll cook up next Saturday night, or which new restaurant I’ll try next to celebrate the completion of that tough exam or assignment.

Three Little Figs is a food blog featuring my own original recipes. A few disclaimers: I am not a professional chef. Period. Also, despite the countless science courses I have taken over the years, I am no chemist in the kitchen. My recipes are not an exact science, because, like I said, cooking is an escape from the everyday grind for me! I think my recipes are pretty tasty, but they are absolutely meant to be altered to match YOUR taste. I like lots of spice and salt, and I know not everyone does! I encourage you to use my recipes as a guide and do some experimenting of your own. Have fun, try new stuff, add your flare to your food, and TASTE everything (washing it down with a glass of red wine always helps cleanse the palate J).

Finally, though Three Little Figs features my own recipes, this site is most definitely not an individual effort. Without some very important people, none of this would be possible! To the person who taught me everything I know in the kitchen, the people I’ve spent countless hours cooking with, experimenting with, and making messes with, the person who cleans it all up at the end of the day, and the person who has helped my dishes come to life on camera, thank you! Thank you for trying the good and the bad, for giving me new ideas, for enduring the (very) late experimental dinners, and for your unbelievable support and encouragement. Love you all!